Chiropractic Testimonials

"I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! My neck/shoulder/back pain disappeared like magic after 2 adjustments. Chiropractic care is amazing, especially in the hands of an expert like you. Thank you for caring and for taking your time to answer my many questions. Keep helping others with your God given gift!"

- Norma A.

"Dr. Watts is the best! He and his staff are very helpful and professional. Excited to see his practice grow and be able to help so many more patients. Dr. Watts and my spine are best buds. I 1st met Dr. Watts when no other office was available for me when I was in extreme pain. I called his office and he treated me right away. Thanks Dr. Watts!"

- Rocco M.

"My entire family goes to Dr. Watts once a week. He is so great with my kids and he is really helping correct my posture. We are very happy with our care and it is money well spent on our lifelong commitment to our family's help and wellness. Dr. Watts is very knowledgeable and we always listen to his advice. I and my family are very rarely sick."

- Verna F.

"Dr. Watts took me to a place in two weeks that Mayo Clinic, and many other Dr's of high regard could NOT get me too! I have literally been nonfunctional since 2011 and I am amazed at his knowledge, healing abilities, healing touch & techniques and friendliness! I hate to get one town away from him! He's GREAT FOLKS!"

- Ella S.

"The reason I came to see Dr. Terry Watts was for spinal malformation. I had this problem most of my life. At its worst it was very painful with reduced movement with tingling in the legs and feet. My previous experience with chiropractic was very good. Past treatments only provided temporary relief. Since starting with Dr. Watts I feel better and have regained some movement. I feel better overall since starting care with Dr. Watts. I feel Dr. Terry Watts is a true healer."

- Christopher S.

"When I met Dr. Watts I was in so much pain on my spine and neck and a numb arm. All the doctors wanted to do was operate me. A family member introduced me to Dr. Watts and now I'm operation free and zero pain. Thanks!"

- Evelyn H.


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