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   If you’re experiencing Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Headaches/Migraines, an Automobile Related Injury like Whiplash or another injury that could stem from a Disc Injury or Injury of the Spine like Arm Pain, Leg Pain, Shooting Pain, Numbness or Tingling please do not hesitate to call our Orange City Chiropractic Office now. We hold special appointment times each day, reserved just for those who are experiencing sever pain but they do fill up fast so please let the representative know you are in pain when you call and that you would like the first available appointment. Insurance is always accepted.  The longer you let an injury related to the spine wait, the more damage that can be done. If you are ready to find out if our Orange City Chiropractic Office can help you, just as we have helped so many, we would love the opportunity to meet with you. We are proud to say that our office and our patients see great success due to our custom protocols based on your History, Examination, Posture Profile, X-Rays and our in depth Motion Study X-Ray Analysis. One your first visit you can expect Dr. Watts to play the roll of a detective as he determines what is going on with you and if it is something we can help with.

If you are ready to schedule your Free Consultation to see if Watts Chiropractic can help you too

Call  (386) 218-4924  

Special Info: Same Day Appointment are waiting and Available for those suffering in Pain.

Insurance is always accepted.

On your first visit please dress comfortably.  You will come in and fill out your initial new patient paperwork, which can also

be found here, on our website, where you can print it out and bring it in completed. We’ll do a full chiropractic evaluation, while going over your concerns and how they are affecting your life. If Dr. Watts feels x-rays are needed, we will send you to a nearby facility to have them taken. We would never want to guess when it comes to your health, and X-rays allow us to know what you need with certainty. If x-rays are taken, once Dr. Watts receives the X-rays, he will spend some time doing an in depth x-ray analysis to understand the best way to help you in conjunction with the findings from your assessment and evaluation. You will then sit down with Dr. Watts for a report of findings where he will review your goals and ensure that any questions you may have about care are answered. You’ll be educated on what we do and go over your X-rays, Dr. Watts’ recommendations and the costs involved in your chiropractic treatments plan.

Regular Visits (5 to 20 minutes)

All appointments are scheduled to make the visit quick and efficient. We have flexible appointment times early mornings, 7:30am – 10 am and late nights till 3:30 – 6:30pm. The amount of time you spend with us will depend on your individualized care protocol, but rest assured that we respect your time and do our best to make your visit with us swift and pleasant. Are you ready to get started? Contact our team today to arrange your appointment! We have early and late hours that fit conveniently into your busy schedule. CONTACT US »

New Practice Members | (386) 218-4924