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Meet Dr. Terry Watts

A Life-Changing Experience With Chiropractic

Chiropractor Orange City, Dr. Terry WattsWhile attending Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey, Dr. Watts participated in weightlifting in the Junior Olympics and other major competitions. With a challenging training schedule, he soon threw out his back. Seeing a chiropractor for the first time didn’t just help with discomfort—it helped his lifelong allergies go away, too.

Around the same time, his father started experiencing nonstop discomfort following a collision with an 18-wheeler. Again, a chiropractor made incredible changes using only his hands. “I chose chiropractic to be able to offer a natural approach to health and restore my patients’ quality of life.”

Completing a Chiropractic Education

Dr. Watts graduated with degrees in biology and computer science, then moved on to Life University in Marietta, Georgia. There, he learned many different treatment methods and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating magna cum laude. The next step in his career was to move to New Jersey, where he practiced under knowledgeable chiropractors. He gained more expertise thanks to these experiences, which prepared him to open Watts Chiropractic Center.

A Love of Helping Others

Along the way, Dr. Watts has experienced health crises that have enhanced his passion for the natural healing profession. He was biopsied and diagnosed with systemic lupus in 1999. A few years later, in 2004, he was rear-ended twice within a two-week period, resulting in two disc herniations and a ruptured neck ligament that paralyzed his arm. He was passing out from a constant, piercing pain, trying medications and treatments.

Not wanting to resort to surgery, he found two chiropractors that helped him heal and increased his faith in God. With his own miracle stories, he is empathetic to those who are suffering.

I want to teach people that they have control over their immune system, and health comes from the inside out.”

Dr. Watts no longer suffers from systemic lupus. Additionally, his son was born with severe colic that was resolved through chiropractic with immediate results following care. He enjoys seeing people of all ages including babies, children and pregnant moms. Another essential part of the practice for Dr. Watts is educating others. “The definition of doctor is teacher.” He belongs to the Wellness Champions, who educate and entertain businesses, groups, organizations and schools on how to be proactive about health.

If you’re ready to start your healing journey, contact us today to arrange an appointment! Early and late hours are available for your convenience.

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